The DANIEL HECHTER brand has its origin in Paris, the fashion capital.Fashion from Daniel Hechter blends French savoir faire with sporty elegance. It garbs wearers in the certainty of always being well dressed. Fashion from DANIEL HECHTER conveys a lifestyle feeling, rendering the brand both authentic and appealing.

Fashion from DANIEL HECHTER is worn by people who know what they want in life – and just how to get. The French call this “savoir vivre,” the art of living well. “Savoir vivre” means knowing what one wants. This sixth sense is nothing that can be learned from a book. It is a matter of personal style, of the intuitive perfect touch. With the right ingredients, savoir vivre turns a simple meal into a banquet and a blazer into a show-stopping outfit when combined with beautiful accessories.

The Daniel Hechter brand subsists on savoir vivre as well. Thanks to its origins in Paris, the capital of fashion, it offers savoir vivre at its most beautiful – with a sure sense of style, a cosmopolitan flair and a creative twist. For people who know what they want and just how to get it. DANIEL HECHTER, the art of living well, is flourishing around the globe. People who wear DANIEL HECHTER fashion are self-confident, contemporary and open to the world around them. Dressing well is important to them, their clothing must underscore their personality. With their sure sense of personal style, they move confidently in many circles: in the office during the day, at the gym in the evening or when stepping out for a night on the town.

Authenticity, functionality and excellence combined. DANIEL HECHTER customers are men and women who have already claimed their position in life and defined their own style. They are open to new ideas while at the same time valuing permanence. Luxury is a question of values for them, and brand orientation a matter of course. Because brands are a sign of savoir vivre. In a world of fast-paced change, the DANIEL HECHTER brand offers the certainty of always being well dressed. This makes the brand authentic. The collection’s hallmark is its sporty elegance. High-quality materials and perfect fits are united with excellent crafts- manship and functionality.

Fashion from DANIEL HECHTER offers strong trends rather than short-lived superficial hype. Those who choose the DANIEL HECHTER brand are doing more than just demonstrating their sure sense of style. They are donning proof that they are a small but decisive step ahead of their time. With a broad spectrum ranging from basics to prêt-à-porter to knitwear, the collections also offer the opportunity to mix and match individual pieces, creating one’s own highly personalized style.

Savoir-vivre – more than just lifestyle. Fashion from DANIEL HECHTER guarantees people a sense of well-being, no matter where they are or what they have planned. In doing so, it conveys just the savoir vivre from which the brand derives its strength and identity.